Zero tax planning is attractive to most folks because no one likes to pay taxes.  Equally important, everyone should pay their fair share of taxes, yet none of us should pay more.

Historically, estate planning has always focused on saving taxes after you die.  Most people are not motivated for that plan because the reality of death seems too remote, or too overwhelming.  Fortuitously, zero tax planning is much much more than just saving estate taxes.  A well-structured estate plan can zero-out estate, gift, and Generation Skipping Transfer (GST) taxes and ensure your legacy carries on for generations outside of the transfer tax system.

Moreover, a capable zero tax planner will take the time to illustrate in the details of how tax savings strategies create opportunities for your family assist you to build a lasting legacy that will impact your community and family.  Moreover, you should expect to be provided a side-by-side analysis of advantages of zero-estate tax planning versus no planning so you can make an informed decision.
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Finally, in many cases, the Zero estate tax planning looks especially attractive when integrated with current income tax savings strategies that save you more than the costs of the planning.  The only way to maximize the outcome is to work with a collaborative team.

Everyone wants to save on income taxes.  Hands down that’s the first thing on all our wish lists.  The fact is that income tax planning has been severely limited over the past 30 years.  The good news is there are a few things still available to many families and business owners.

Advanced estate tax planning is particularly important for families who wish to exercise stewardship responsibilities and protect the family legacy(whether for farm, ranch, fabrication or service business). This is a complex area of the tax law and with proper guidance families have considerably much to gain for generations by planning.

Legacy families concern themselves with issues such as:

  • Assuring the continuance of family values, lifestyle and the protection of assets
  • Substantially reduce or eliminate taxes (income, excise, gift, estate, etc.)
  • Passing on work ethic and a sense of responsibility to heirs
  • Keeping family affairs private through Bloodline Preservation TrustSM planning
  • Making sure heirs are prepared to handle an inheritance, and if they are not, taking steps to protect them until they are ready while protecting them from their future decisions
  • Managing the value of business interests, and shielding personal assets from business liabilities
  • Ensuring a lasting legacy that positively impacts family and society

At Borkus Law Group, Ltd., we have years of experience utilizing advanced estate planning strategies to meet the unique needs of affluent families. Our firms Founder Randall Borkus specializes in counseling successful individuals and families. He also mentors and teaches other attorneys, financial advisors, insurance wholesalers, and CPAs devoted to helping successful families.

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