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Preserve Your Legacy
By Keeping it in the Family

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At Borkus Law Group, Ltd. we help you protect who and what you love, help you maintain control over what’s important to you and help you secure the legacy you leave behind. Our firm has extensive experience in counseling both individuals and business owners on how to maintain family harmony while creating business succession planning, farm and ranch succession, estate planning, income tax planning and zero estate tax planning.

Looking to Sell or Transfer Your Business?

Randall & James’ book serves as an authoritative guide to help you work with your advisors to create a plan, leave your business in good hands, reward yourself and your family for years of effort, and live the rest of your life in a way that gives it meaning.

Why Choose
Borkus Law Group, Ltd.

  • Mission

    Our purpose is empowering you to preserve your life’s work and ensure your family legacy stays in your bloodline.

  • Clients vs. Customers

    We firmly believe in creating lasting relationships in place of short-term transactions with a customer. We are devoted to supportive client experiences and teamwork.

  • Experience

    As a firm we have worked with thousands of families and business owners over the past 18 years. We understand this is your life’s work and guiding you to achieve your specific, personal goals is our sole objective.

Get Your FREE Report on Developing a Customized Plan to Preserve Your Family Legacy & Bloodline.

When it comes to preserving your family legacy and your bloodline, traditional estate planning simply doesn’t WORK for most folks.

If you want to keep from losing your farm, ranch or family business, you’ll need a customized plan. I started using a technique which I trademarked to help families keep what’s important in the family, the Bloodline Preservation Trust℠.

Legal Practice Areas

Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Everyone must be prepared.

Zero Estate Tax Planning

Zero Estate Tax Planning

Paying the Estate Tax is optional, If You Plan Ahead.

Business Succession Planning

Business Succession Planning

How do you sell the business and take care of your family and workers?

Oil & Gas Service Companies & Corporate Services

Oil & Gas Service Companies & Corporate Services

The Oil and Gas service business is a fierce and volatile markets.

Farm & Ranch Succession Planning

Farm & Ranch Succession Planning

How to keep it in the family for generations!

Oil, Gas & Mineral Rights Succession

Oil, Gas & Mineral Rights Succession

How to keep it in the family for generations!

Philanthropic Planning

Philanthropic Planning

Often overlooked opportunities lay in wait here!

Asset Protection Planning

Asset Protection Planning

This is the single most overlooked area of the law by business owners and their professionals.

Happy Clients

Estate Planning

Working with Randall & the team at Borkus Law has been so enjoyable and effortless. Randall explains everything so clearly and looks out for our best interest. We look forward to our meetings!

Nate and I would highly recommend Borkus Law!


The Experts Expert

I have known and worked with Randall for many years and have always found him to be extremely intelligent, through, and completely client centered. His expertise comes from many years of focused learning and application to sometimes extremely complex advanced estate planning and business succession matters. He is truly a master of his trade and a terrific people person on top of that.


Help During My Time of Loss

Several years ago Randall Borkus set up trusts for both my husband Arthur and I . This past February my husband Arthur sadly passed away. I cannot stress how important it is to have an organized, thorough trust at the time of someone’s death. Randall ensured that absolutely everything I needed was included and easy to find. Multiple people from hospital personnel, to accountants, to bank personnel indicated they had never seen a trust that was so well documented, organized and clear. When it came to making the hard decision related to taking my husband off of life support I had all the correct documentation. When it came to updating bank accounts I had everything I needed. When it came to ensuring Art’s wishes were carried out including belongings as well as monetary issues everything was clearly documented in the trust. During a time when I could barely think, I was able to I just follow the trust documentation. Everything was so well thought out and documented I was not required to think, I just followed the trust. I can see now that Randall asked all the right questions in order to provide me with what I needed, even though I did not know it at the time. Additionally when I met with Randall for the first time after Arthur’s death to begin distributions from the trust, I was treated with such kindness. Randall’s legal assistant Debbie Johnson was unbelievable. She did so much more than help me with distributions, she asked me how I was doing (really doing), she shared what she went through during the loss of her mother. There were so many similarities, I felt like she really understood what I was going through. During our first meeting she spent time talking to me and getting to know me and my situation. I felt so comfortable with her, I was able to develop a level of trust in her that made all we did together in the following months go very smoothly. I had quite a bit of anxiety related to how I would get all the distributions completed that were documented in Arthur’s trust, but Debbie did absolutely everything. This was a huge task she executed and I was so grateful. In summary, I highly recommend Randall Borkus’ law firm. The recommendation of course relates to the excellent, well though out, trust that Randall put together for Arthur and I, but extends to the staff (like Debbie Johnson) that guided and carried me through the loss of my husband Arthur. I cannot stress how important it is to have all the legal, financial, and personal property issues clearly thought out and documented to ensure that when the worst does happen and you are truly unable to think straight that everything has been taken care of.


Highly recommend

Mr. Borkus helped us with all of our trust and legal documents. We will use him for all of our estate planning needs in the future. Before making recommendations he took the time to learn our goals and objectives.



We hired Randall when building family trusts as well as doing our estate planning. From start to finish, Randall and his team were very dedicated and quick and responding to any questions we had. He truly cares about his clients and their well being. We would definitely hire him for future matters!


Excellent service

Mr. Borkus has helped us in so many ways with planning and legal documents needed for our trust. We highly recommend him to anyone looking to plan for your future finances.


Not your customary “Lawyer”

Our family has worked with Randall over the past 5 years regarding the settlement of a extremely complicated estate my father left behind. He has covered all the bases, and oversees each issue thoroughly while patiently explaining the process to us. He is truly interested in the well being of our family, and the personal relationship he strives for has made us feel part of a “team effort” at this time of our lives. When there was a need for other professionals to be involved, he sought them out to make sure they were the right referral for our family in all ways. We would highly recommend Randall to help with estate planning well before, and after, it is needed.


Review for Randall Borkus

Very thorough. Explained everything in detail. He took accurate notes in our first meeting and everything was done with excellent quality. His staff is extremely competent and super friendly. Debbie responded to emails immediately and is super efficient.


Full Estate Planning Engagement

We recently moved to Illinois and needed our outdated estate plans completely overhauled. Randall and team know this space so well, were incredibly thorough, explained everything in great detail, turned the plans around quickly and helped us properly fund the trusts that we established. Professional, highly attentive and patient.


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Randall H. Borkus, Esq.


Melissa Nava

Paralegal Assistant

Laney Lyons

Drafting Paralegal


Angie Dietrich



Aaron Alvarez

Law Student


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